WildManT Briefs Stretchy Cotton Fabric Big Boy Pouch Brief Black/Blue MI-BR 2


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Are you a big boy?  Do you need extra room in front?  Are your boys hot, sweaty and smashed?  Then you are a Big Boy!  WildmanT Big Boy Pouch underwear now has a super soft stretch cotton style with a sexy Black and Blue stripe. Our roomy pouch slips around and holds your boys with easy and comfort. No more smashing your balls or sticking to your legs. The pouch surrounds your manhood and allows it to swing freely with the easy your low hangers were meant to! 

Fabric: 92% Cotton / 8% Lycra

Made in the USA

Vous en avez une grosse ? Besoin de plus de place a l'avant ? Ce Slip en cotton a été concu parfaitement pour vous ! extra confort slip en cotton de Wildmant !
Wildmant Size Chart – D.U.A.