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SMU Leather Shop Stallion Jock black Adjustable Snapped Belt 30-38 CHA1

Original price $269.95 - Original price $269.95
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$269.95 - $269.95
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Stallion Jock

FULL LEATHER. This 100% Canadian handmade jock is designed with our softest leather. Durable and double stitched, it's made to last a lifetime.
SMU Leather shop is based in Canada all items are carefully made with the highest quality Leather available on the market.
Every item is hand made by our top leather crafters.
SMU ships worldwide in discreet packaging.

Cod piece quickly Un-snaps for quick action.

-Leather jockstrap with silver snaps
-Highly expandable waistband 30-to-38-inch leg straps are also largely ajustable
-Full leather layer construction -Lined with soft black leather.
-Sewn with bonded nylon thread.

Retail price up to $269.95 in specialty fetish and Leather garment outlets worldwide
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