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HOM Sports Boxer Snow Hipster Pour Homme RED MEDIUM 1

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HOM Sport "Snow" Boxer Trunk in Black with a contrast blue waistband. This seasons new "Sport" collection is focused on winter sports, and cool and stylish energy with a futuristic twist.

 Opt for the colorful sporty look this season, these shorties are fabricated from a sensitive polyamide blend. Perfect for sports, with material allowing the skin to breathe and quick drying. Shaped no fly supportive pouch and super soft microfibre

 waistband with interwoven branding. 

HOM Underwear Size Guide: Small = 30-32 inch waist (EU size 4, Fr/Es size 3, US size Small), Medium = 32-34 inch waist (EU size 5, Fr/Es size 4, US size Medium), Large = 34-36 inch waist (EU size 6, Fr/Es size 5, US size Large), X-Large = 36-38 inch waist (EU size 7, Fr/Es size 6, US size X-Large)
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