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Gregg Homme Retro Celebration Mens Thongs Hombre Tanga Purple Herren-Tangas R13

$32.95 CAD

Gatez vous!   En faisant l’acquisition de ce superbe thong conçu dans un tissus tellement mince et soyeux  Osez vous faire dorer au soleil des plages tropicales... 

Tout les yeux seront sur vous!  OUPS  plutôt sur votre  petit thong qui ne cache que l'essentiel  ;-)

Mensunderwear company prowdly presents the unique brand New RETRO RE-DESIGNED AND SEXIER SENSUAL  From the most pôpular Celebration  collection fabric
Less is more with the Umax thong  SPEEDO CUT . A central Gregg Homme logo leads into an sheer soft  material, but the best part is a surprising, semi-concealed elastic ring that supports and engorges you to optimal show-off capacity!
Also available without c-ring simply ask when buying 
Very limited edition available only at Mensunderwear Company 

Retails Price is set at 33.00$ USD 

But here pay in canadian curency  and save a bundle

Please take notice : Mens underwear company is a retailer of new underwear We never sell the one used for picture..