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Sexy Mens Underwear

Gregg Homme Mens Boxer Briefs Mens Underwear Lemona 87405 15E

$37.00 CAD

The Torridz Boxer Briefs will give you full coverage while ensuring you will have complete freedom of movement and hugging every subtle curve.
Just when you thought your Boxer Briefs couldn't get any sexier, Gregg Homme's Torrid Hyperstretch collection takes it up a notch. The hot and steamy Gregg Homme Torrid HyperStretch boxer briefs is made of an unbelievably lightweight, extremely body-hugging fabric that stealthily supports without any extra straps or padding. It successfully mimics the au natural feeling, letting you forget that youre even wearing underwear at all.

Offering the full coverage of regular boxer briefs and made from a subtle shine, high spandex content fabric that gives them a 8-way stretch ‘second-skin’ quality, these extra-light TORRID collection low-rise boxer briefs by Gregg Homme follow every subtle curve of your body, while ensuring complete freedom of movement and unparalleled comfort. A ½-inch wide waistband features the signature Gregg Homme on left flank.