for kinamhu-0 DHL international Option 2 to 4 days day delivery

We have negociated very special rates with DHL and UPS  to make sure you receive your items rapidly and safely .

How  this work for you and how we will apply this option to your order ?

Canada Postal and USPS service is running at minimal employee  due to the distentiation Laws.   

Canada post does not ship to many countries due to the World wide crisis  But DHL and UPS do! 

So receiving your packages ( Are and will be delayed! )

DHL and UPS  will ship usually within 48 hours No matter where!  

After you have made your purchase you will receive a message  Offering you the opportunity to add this to your order , we  do suggest to keep your price breakdown attractive to Shop in our huge store and purchase one or more HOT items  this way you will still save a bundle!
Considering you are also paying in Canadian curency  Saving you close to  42% +/-   world wide!

If you purchase more items Rest assured the extra shipping you will have paid will be deducted and refunded from the final shipping cost  .

If you simply choose to get one item and get it fast then just purchase this convienient low price option to combine with your order