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DOREANSE Brief Mens JockStrap Pour Homme Fashion Underwear 1310 20

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Introducing the Bravo Brief Jock #1310 from Doreanse! This low-rise lighter-than-air pair of sexy men's Jockstrap fit like a glove. Fabric leg straps and a shimmering waistband make this a must-have for aficionados of great jocks. The material is thin & light, silky smooth with the slightest of shimmer and plenty of stretch to fit any body type. A sleek & sexy Men’s Jockstrap unlike any other. Equipped with a center-seamed pouch for your boys.

Supplement your wardrobe with this sexy g-string! Wear it in the bedroom or under your everyday clothes. The elastic material fits well on your body and feels comfortable, so you can wear it for a longer time. 

High-quality materials. (75% nylon, 25% spandex)

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