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Destructive Fetish Brief Mesh Ergonomic Leather Pouch Silver Stripe Black 2

Original price $34.95 - Original price $44.00
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$34.95 - $44.00
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Polyamide 92% Spandex 8% -  Polyamide 80%Elastane 20%
You can never go wrong with our black Destructive© slip fetish underwear
 While the ergonomic leather pouch keeps your attributes in place, the breathable and lightweight mesh will cover your backside, letting you tease your admirer(s) with just the right amount of skin coming through. 
The silver leg stripe detail will keep their attention on you, while making sure your new Destructive (c) slip fetish underwear fit you perfectly.

Please refer to the sizing chart for the right fit and note that the products on the image photos are sold separately. The photo provided is informative and slight deviation in design is possible.
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