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BREEDWELL Jockstrap Stretch-Mesh Pouch BreedCore 3D-Silicone Band Black 12

$32.95 CAD

Breedwell Glow Gear

Small - 28"-30"
Medium - 30"-31"
Large fis -  32"-34"
Extra Large-  35"-36"


Why BREEDCORE? Because this jock should be at the CORE of any underwear drawer.

The jock features soft stretch-mesh pouch, which will give all the wh*res a glimpse at your core. 
The wide waistband is emblazoned with 3D-Silicone printed arrows that hug your ass and point to a spelled-out BREEDWELL logo, centered just above your junk. Your thick thighs will be wrapped in ultra-soft leg straps.

 BREEDCORE JOCKSTRAP comes with a black pouch and black leg straps and a white pouch and white leg straps. You can spice it up, and attach a BREEDWELL GLOW POUCH (sold separately) using the convenient crotch snaps.