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LARGE WOJOER Swimwear For Men TangaBody Beach String Swimsuits Maillot Crema 4

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Contradiction is futile! The BEUN BASIC Body is not a body like any other. He just sits perfectly, is slightly transparent, thin and wonderfully comfortable. The best is still: This body is beach and underwear in one. Bathable for chlorine and salt water. Thus it makes your body a breathtaking eye-catcher, especially in the colors neon yellow, ice blue and neon coral. And even for the reticent, he is in the color Nude an ideal companion in everyday life. Especially when worn as an invisible underwear under the white business shirt. After all, his neckline is particularly deep, so he does not even peek at an open-wearing collar without tie. But when it's time and your shirt is ripped off, the BEUN BASIC Body is a hot surprise. Do not miss this adventure and always feel surprisingly ready!