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Modus Vivendi Leather Pants Carrot Fit Joggers Faux-Look Black 20563

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MODUS VIVENDI leather pants, will be one of your most favorite essentials. 

Versatile design that can always save your style; match with leather shirt or plain white t-shirt, Pick the Leather shirt and invest on some real value item for your quardarobe

The extra soft and comfortable leather look joggers, will help you to freely express your inner fetish desires and passions, always in style

Inspired by the athletic jogger pants is engineered for the fashion lovers

Ultra-masculine, stylish and versatile designs which is serving both comfort and elegance.

Carrot fit joggers 

Tapered style athletic pants

Made of polyester fabric which imitating real leather

Chinos front side pockets

Extra back pocket

Flattering inside sewn panels

Sewn hanging metallic logo label

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