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Mens Rubber Brief Polymorphe Latex Briefs PURE Latex Natural RED UN-015E 1

Original price $58.00 - Original price $69.00
Original price
$58.00 - $69.00
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Sexy full-cut men’s brief with coloured front contrast panel detail.
Medium-weight latex

What is Latex?
The risk of acquiring  cheap Latex undergear:  Poorly made, very thin fabric, low content of latex, bad vulcanisation of rubber, short life spand, High chemical contents riskin bad skin rash, and bad sizing

High quality mastercrafted by hand  starts with the transformation of quality, natural, raw, liquid latex into sheeting, to hand-cutting each piece from a pattern, to assembly and finishing, no machining or short-cuts are ever used during our Canadian manufacturing process.

 This is POLYMORPHE. Every item is 100% hand-made, lovingly crafted and manufactured in an artisanal fashion. Each step of the garment-making process is done by a person.