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ErgoWear Thong MAX XV Pouch 3D Rainbow Gay Pride Thongs Red 1119 28

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MAX XV Men’s Thong Pride 
Fully-ergonomic design
3-dimensional exclusive MAX pouch
Manufactured in hyper-soft polyamide/elastane microfiber

40 mm (1″ 4/7) wide rainbow-color waistband in satin finish with one black Ergowear logo over the pouch

#PrideAllYear with MAX XV Pride 
At Ergowear we think it’s cool to show your pride on any date
Yes, literally on any calendar day, but also in the other sense – when you are on a date

Although not everyone wishes or dares to try men’s thongs, this style will fit virtually everyBODY
These men’s thong pride feature a 3-dimensional, nose-shaped MAX pouch which gently lifts your anatomy and provides enough room, so that everything stays in place, even for well-endowed guys, without being confining or too tight

The rear of the MAX XV Men’s Thong Pride follows the shape between the glutes to connect the pouch with the waistband in the back