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BREEDWELL Hybred Chock Jock Chaps Lightweight Neoprene Two Pockets Neon Orange

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Get in the bred line......
Chaps + Jock = Chock, Are you hard as a Chock?
Once again BREEDWELL is thinking outside your box with the brand-new CHAPS and JOCK hybrid: the BREEDWELL HYBRED Chock. Not that you need it, but the ingenious design helps to push up your already perky butt
The pouch is engineered with a stripe detail that accentuates your assets and keeps them cozy in a soft and breathable synthetic jersey
The unique leg panels and mesh pockets will give you an assless chap-wearing popper-carrying vibe. And if you add the BREEDWELL HYBRED BODY HARNESS, you’ll be all that and a bag of “chaps.”
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