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BREEDWELL Hybred Body Harness With Removable Snaps Adujstable in Blue

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Get Bred in a Hybred.....This ain’t no Prius
The perfect fusion of style and gear is the HYBRED BODY HARNESS. Because we love to accessorize, the HYBRED BODY HARNESS is easily clipped onto the HYBRED JOCK or HYBRED CHOCK using D-Rings.

The harness also has removable and adjustable front straps so you can convert it into a BULLDOG harness, for those visits to the puppy pen.

It features premium PVC patches, double O-Rings on the front, a removable center strap with PVC patch detail, back tension sliders for a perfect fit, and stainless steel hardware so that the only thing that’s rusted shut will be your bottle of poppers

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