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SMU High medical grade polished Stainless steel Ice lock 2 hours b2

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$135.00 CAD

This great device made with high medical grade stainless steel.  It offers so many scenarios for the bondage and self-restraint adepts enthusiast.
A must in your private collection

Let's talk about a great device.  This superb ice-lock is safe, it offers 100% peace of mind to the adepts of self-restraint, dont get caught short handed because you cannot reach your handcuf keys or your phone to cry out for help !
Many poeple get discovered by friends or family members in a shamefull position wich you certainly dont want to explain.   LOL! 

SMU Hi-grade medical stainless device is so easy to use .

1: fill up 75% with water
2: Insert the Pin into the water chamber
3: Place the device in a open plastic container at an angel of approximatly 25 degrees
4: give it time to freeze hard
5: Simply enjoy your self-restraint time!  Why not use it on your partner to make sure he does not go running out on you while you decide to go shopping ;-)

Dont be fooled by the cheap copies of similar locks you might find out they dont work every time and low industrial grade stainless rust in time.  If it's not engraved with The SMU DRAGON  Then it's a copy !

MRSP:  $149.95 in specialised adult stores 

Why not get one for the ankels and save 25% on the second one  simply ask us before paying your cart ... no extra shipping for the second device

Get yours now!   Shipped very discreetly