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MAO USA Boxer Shorts Gymwear Comfy Athletic Underwear Burgundy 111.9 M4

$36.95 CAD

MAO USA 111.9

SPORTY & COMFY - Comfortably practice your favorite sport. 
The Athletic design lets you achieve your best performance. Frontal compression supporter piece has double fabric and will keep your male body parts in place reducing friction and temperature.

PLAY STRONG & DRY - Mao Usa microfiber with Sportsec transports sweat outside for a quick evaporation of moisture. 


VERY GOOD QUALITY - Mao always works with the best fabrics to get the best product. 
Quality is there presentation letter.

FLAT SEAMS IN AND OUT - Mao boxers are designed with flat seams that do not cause any kind of irritation. Ideal for sensible skin to prevent chafing of the skin.