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BREEDWELL STUD Jockstrap Rough-Rider Glitter-Flash-Reflect Jock Silver 7

$45.95 CAD

Breedwell Glow Gear

Small - 28"-30"
Medium - 30"-31"
Large fis -  32"-34"
Extra Large-  35"-36"

 Remember Rough Rider STUDDED Con...? Those midnight-blue packs were a staple of 1996 sex clubs.
 That’s the inspiration behind our NEW gear line.
 Breedwell STUD Jocks are built to get attention at all hours of the day and night.

These jocks are covered in glossy hexagonal metal studs. With a sleek circuit vibe, these punk embellishments deliver a bullish, give-no-Fu...sexiness. 

They flash and reflect light at night, and glitter and gleam in the daylight. 
They look awesome at daytime tea dances, pool parties, and on your next cruise.